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Role Play Corner

Our role play corner is an amazing space to develop children’s language, PSED and imaginative play. This term we have been asking the children what they would like the role play corner to be and following their interests. After enjoying it being a pizza parlour the children asked if we could have a McDonalds. They had to make lists of what a McDonalds needed and then make the props. Thank you to our local McDonalds for giving us some freebies!

Here are some photos of the new role play corner. The children are really enjoying playing in it.

Trip to Sainsbury’s

This week we are going to be making our own fruit kebabs. Some children from EYFS visited Sainsbury’s to buy our ingredients. First we had to write shopping lists of which fruits we would like to buy. Then we took our lists and bought our ingredients. We had to read off the prices and count how many items we had brought. It was a great way to practice our maths in a real world situation.




Oh no Mr Messy has arrived!

Mr Messy came into the EYFS classroom and left a huge mess!

We have been learning how to be like Mr Neat and Mr Tidy and help clear away the mess. Looking after our classroom is part of our class charter so it is important we know how to tidy away properly and look after our things. We swept up the leaves, washed the babies and made sure that at tidy up time everyone helped make the classroom spotless!


Our week in EYFS – 25th to 29th September

It’s been another brilliant week in Reception and Nursery. As part of our topic “What Changes?” we’ve been looking at the change in season and exploring all things to do with Autumn!

Every day children have been visiting the park to collect leaves. All the things we’ve collected this week have been used in our Art, Maths, Messy Play and Writing.

Thank you again to all the parents who came to watch our Celebration Assembly. The children really enjoy showing off their Celebration Books.


We love mud!

EYFS love playing in our mud pit and mud kitchen. We are learning to put on our coats, waterproof trousers and wellies without any help. Then we can get as messy as we like! The mud kitchen is a great place for role play. Today we were pretending to make cakes for a cafe.

Sometimes the children do accidentally get wet and dirty clothes (especially their socks) so please can all children have a spare set of clothes hanging on their peg. Then we can still enjoy getting messy and having fun in the mud!

Our week in EYFS – 18th-22nd September

Wow what a brilliant week we’ve had in EYFS! We read and learnt the story ‘The Little Red Hen’. No one would help the Little Red Hen make the bread so we decided to be kind and help her make some. It was delicious! To say thank you she has left us some of her precious eggs to look after. We hope they hatch soon! Here are some the other exciting things we’ve been up to:

  • ¬†Weeding
  • ¬†Making scrambled eggs
  • Printing with numicon
  • Making dinosaur eggs and hiding them in the mud pit

What a busy week!